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Centralized Multi Channel Monitoring Module

Centralized Multi Channel Monitoring Module
Centralized Multi Channel Monitoring Module
Product Description
Endorsing centralization and automation in all industries is an indispensable need for us. We offer Centralized Multi Channel Monitoring Module that is provided with flexible as well as expandable monitoring systems. In this way, it can collect data from sensors so as to provide a control platform as well as single visualization. The monitoring methods of this module are capable to be connected to the monitor. It has Ethernet, as its main mode of connection. The Centralized Multi Channel Monitoring Module ensures SMS data transfer support as well as GPRS data connection.

Key Points:
  • It has been specially designed to employ an intelligent routing protocol, wherein the router is ceaselessly monitored.
  • This module has been provided with rugged designs as well as extensive multichannel fiber optic temperature controllers. Also, it boasts of its flexibility, that enables it to be incorporate into other output as well as input parameters.
  • Also, it has supports for centered as well as distributed installation, which make centralized multi channel monitoring module functional as the most feasible alternative for ambit of applications.
  • It is applicable for cryogenic, battery bank/racks, aviation, automotive, utilities, r&d, medical and semiconductors.
  • The module assists in the process of medical equipment testing, electric vehicle and battery testing, battery rack monitoring, fire code compliance, transformer monitoring, fuel tank testing, generator & electric motors testing, aircraft etc. Its process is web-server based and is highly simple to use so as to enable for efficient design, visualization and reporting. 
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