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Decentralized Modular Monitoring Unit

Decentralized Modular Monitoring Unit
Decentralized Modular Monitoring Unit
Product Description
Decentralized Modular Monitoring Unit is employed to give support to various devices by making use of plug & play connections. Capable to support multiple devices, it is commonly found hardwired into the electrical panel-board. This unit allows users to make a decision between the central as well as decentralized UPS. The Decentralized Modular Monitoring Unit can not be easily disrupted, and avoids all the possible accidental damage that can be made to the electrical panel. The tasks of this unit is to provide backup for all loads, separately. This unit ensures a reduced life-cycle costs, wherein the users can execute the monitoring task individually without making any complication in the process and increasing the functional costs.

Key Points:
  • In this decentralized control system, the need of motor control functions is less. Consequently, it is removed from the central control cabinet and then is apportioned out on a machine.
  • Decentralized modular monitoring unit ensures reduced material as well as lessened labor costs. In addition to saving money, decentralized control system can save the space in both panels as well as floor. It also aids to reduce the start-up time and boosts general up-time.
  • This setup is provided with a variable frequency drive as well as motor starter to ensure the effortless operation. Also, it makes control over field-bus, power, overload control etc.
  • This ensures considerable savings in money, time and space. It needs no rewiring and fits with purchase limit of IT limits. 
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