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GPDS General Power Distribution System

GPDS General Power Distribution System
GPDS General Power Distribution System
Product Description

GPDS General Power Distribution System is a means of Controlling, Communicating, and Optimizing the various operations. The system is very helpful in distinct sight of power systems and is also very efficient in sensing the various threats that lies in way before hand. The system is also beneficial in communicating and makes the falling challenges easy to sort out. It works tremendously in electric power distribution and tends to focus more on methodology. GPDS General Power Distribution System is also efficient in analyzing the network traffic. The cost efficiency is another characteristic of the product.

GPDS-Applicable occasions and functions:

  • Ideal for large IDC. The SPDS distribution cabinets, like UPS input and output cabinet, power distribution cabinet, mains oil machine switch cabinet, air conditioning switch cabinet, etc., can be of several distribution structures.
  • Large power distribution capacity, current up to 4000 A.
  • Setup HEADSUN HD3100. Detection of HD3300 series acquisition unit in the power distribution cabinet main or branch electrical parameters information.
  • Can through the communication interface RS485, Upload information to the Ip - star management system.
  • Optional structure form, power distribution cabinet, fixation or drawer.
  • Criterion cabinet is 600\800mm width, 2200mm height.


  • wide capacity of reaching out to multiple systems
  • Great capacity of provide current supply
  • Serves fro long time period
  • Low maintenance required

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