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Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Product Description
Power Distribution Unit (PDU) are the exclusive devices that enable users to turn on and turn off the electric devices. These also aid to reboot the gear remotely. The PDU technology these are provided with is perfectly critical to minimize the wasted driving out to distant sites. These are applicable for remote telecom sites, server rooms and data centers. Also, these units are used in public utilities, government, military, telecom, research environments, transportation/transit, education etc. With their compact designs, the installation of IT rack can be made quick and easy. Power Distribution Units (PDU) ensure optimum monitoring functions as well as extensive power measurement, which enable them to suffice as the most efficient as well as reliable investments of simple assembly.

Key Points:
  • These PDU are responsible for attaining control over the electrical power. These have large powered strips that can work without the need of surge protection. These are fitted with several outlets and provide AC power from main power source to servers.
  • These are exclusively made to proffer standard electrical sockets, which help the data center equipment to work efficiently.
  • Also, these have tool-free clip attachments as well as flexible mountings located at the needful height. Thee power distribution units are also suited for individual installation some on the frame of artifact.
  • These proffer dependable and absolute protection against unaccredited accession by covering the unneeded outputs. These are totally different from simple and low-budget rack-mounted power strips and are employed to amend the intelligent load balance, power quality and remote monitoring. 
The basic information of product
  • Main application: All kinds of 19-inch standard and non-standard network, special power distribution & secure connection unit and server cabinet.
  • Product features:
    • Modular structure, enabling personalized, customized production
    • Universality and specificity of the product standards in several countries “plug socket type, basic parameter and size of the drawn up as per their own situation, the generality of a certain area.
    • PDU Standards use the IEC884-1
The difference between PDU and ordinary socket:
  • Output combination: Several output formats can be combined according to the demand.
  • Internal connection: Integration of copper bar connection, the main line + branch connections, grouping, circular connection, etc.
  • Electric power distribution: Load power distribution for each output unit as per the user requirements.
  • Function grouping: Enact lightning protection, circuit breaker, overload, current voltage monitoring and alarm protection according to the demand.
  • The intensity of the shell: High strength aluminum made shell, high flame retardant, high resistance against temperature and corrosion.
  • Installation method: vertical, horizontal direction installation
Product feature and control method
  • Product structure modularization
  • The functions are based on the modular structure of the PDU design and production. There is power switch, circuit breaker, control function module design, lights and other systematic overall control, unit respectively independent control, multi-channel control, or special specified control a variety of control modes;
Socket type diversity
  • PDU design has several power socket modules standards worldwide, can meet the different requirements of customers around the world;
  • Optional output unit
  • PDU can select different quantity output units according to customer requirement;
  • Power input diversify
  • PDU design have single/double input, left/right input obvers/reverse input, double-end input and double end socket type input power, can be convenient to meet technical requirements of customer;
Control Mode
  • Protection functions effectively
  • The specially designed HEADSUN PDU has international standards of surge protection function protector, high performance lightning protection, a ground wire and polarity detection power lightning protection, channeltron built-in lightning surge protector, surge protector, can be combined as per the customer's technical requirements for effective surge protection system;
The shell color enrichment
  • HEADSUN PDU configuration has a well-designed patent shell, utilizes the high strength electrophoresis treated by special insulation aluminum alloy material, two colors- titanium white and black available and can easily satisfy the customer's requirements;
  • Insert hole interval
  • HEADSUN PDU can based on the customer's technical requirements determine the output socket interval size of the distance between each unit, in order to meet their installation and equipment connection requirement;

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