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RTV Smart Power Distribution System

RTV Smart Power Distribution System
RTV Smart Power Distribution System
Product Description

RTV Smart Power Distribution System is the high level of automation which transfers the required voltage and distributes it equally to the all the parts of other system. Availability of data along with the remote control capability in the system grants distribution operators an opportunity to optimize operation of systems and also to control the same. In order make use of the fast operation of this system, spanning search algorithm is chosen to develop service restoration strategies. Maximum placement of the system and the resulting improvement of system reliability are discussed. RTV Smart Power Distribution System resilience with respect to extreme events is presented.

A set of comprehensive room power supply and equipment room environment monitoring for bank branch business hall, towns and villages of Broadcasting Company enterprises and small machine room or unattended computer needs.

SPDS-RTV basic function:

  • Realize mains supply dual power supply switch
  • Built-in UPS power supplies and battery (3 to 6 KVA)
  • UPS input and several output power distribution circuit, as well as smart monitor
  • System configuration complete monitoring unit for UPS, power distribution, as well as other extensions (battery internal resistance monitoring, environmental capacity) as per the on-line monitoring, and have communication interface, to upload entire information to the smart data center management system
  • Sleek appearance and can use the international general standard server rack.


  • Unbreakable connection
  • Wide capability of the system to do the required work
  • Highly durable
  • Efficiency is assured in performance and cost both
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