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SPDS-C Smart Power Distribution System

SPDS-C Smart Power Distribution System
SPDS-C Smart Power Distribution System
Product Description

SPDS-C Smart Power Distribution System is a perfect example of the increasing significance of system dependency. It is basically distribution generator which is responsible to segregate the power and current to all the required parts of various end systems. The system has commendable capacity and features. The control ability and observability of the system is improved by adopting to the emerging devices which are termed as intelligent and have very smart grid kind of applications. SPDS-C Smart Power Distribution System works solely on smart technologies and is incorporated with smart meters that adds to the efficiency of the system.

SPDS-C Applicable occasions and functions:

  • Ideal for small IDC, like bank branches, small branches, department of securities sales, the government, enterprises as well as institutions of computer room.
  • Built-in room all power distribution functions, such as ATS double power input, the output power distribution cabinet, the UPS input output, air conditioning and power distribution unit.
  • Configuration HEADSUN SPDS - M intelligent module, for monitoring all loop electric parameter information, complete monitoring information.
  • Can provide RJ45 internet access, RS232 /RS485 communication interface, supported modbus, SNMP protocol.
  • Cabinet is based on the server cabinet modelling design, mesh door.
  • Into the line capacity around 63-250 - A


  • Makes use of zigbee technologies
  • Passing of data is excellently rapid
  • Eases the operational purposes
  • Commendable remote control ability
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